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Risk & Money

By Chris

It's Giving Tuesday and we've been writing recently about risks we've taken to reach financial independence.
  1. The power of risk to sculpt your ideal life
  2. The benefits of switching to part-time work
  3. How FU money lets you negotiate from a position of strength
Those risks are what have enabled us to give with gratitude and be at peace with the life we lead.

We also executed our monthly giving grant after totaling your votes in our reader's choice FIRE fund. Are you able to give today to what matters to you?

What if you DIDN'T take a risk?

POST The Scary Cost of NOT Taking Risk in Life

In this post, I explore what life could be if you did NOT take the risks that formed you as the person you are today.

We explore:
  • How risk-taking is a necessary and unavoidable part of life
  • Good risk and bad risk
  • Why you should take risks in life
  • The cost of playing it safe
All with the backdrop of a little Jean-Luc Picard.
Picard's view on taking risk and how it offers potential for you to be better.
Your potential: to make yourself more than you are.
Taking risks is part of being human. The trick is in understanding and overcoming the fear that creates risk in your life so that you can become a better person.

The Scary Cost of NOT Taking Risk in Life

Voluntarily going part-time

POST How the Benefits of Working Part-Time Are Life-Changing

Jenni made the switch to part-time work back in May. Six months later, she's written about the benefits she's found in working part-time.

For her, it's been a life-changing experience.

She's attained:
  • Fewer hours with a flexible schedule
  • Narrowed work-related duties
  • More time for her needs and wants
  • Less stress and a happier self
But more than just her own experience, she explained the benefits of part-time work for those of you still on the fence and at the edge of FIRE.

Here are some of the benefits that you could potentially find by going part-time:
  1. As a part-time employee, you will be assigned fewer hours to do your specific job
  2. You may get to redefine your role as a part-time employee
  3. Discover your work has more meaning
  4. Daily management problems no longer fall into your realm of duties
  5. Strict working hours will create more concrete boundaries between your work-life and home-life
  6. Once you clock out, you can leave work at work
  7. Gain more time away from work
  8. So much time in your life that you may not know what to do with it
  9. A flexible schedule will let you fit your work into your life schedule
  10. Time will be become yours to do with what you want
  11. There is more time to share with those who matter to you
  12. Your to-do-list will actually become longer
  13. Part-time work can be less stressful
  14. A health benefit of part-time work is getting more sleep
  15. More time to dedicate to exercise
  16. More time to prepare healthier meals at home instead of eating out
  17. You may become more aware of your financial independence
Jenni runs through and expands upon every one of these points.
Part-time work offers the opportunity to do what you want with your day.
If you know someone that's thinking about dialing things back and going part-time, it's a great article to share with them.

How the Benefits of Working Part-Time Are Life-Changing

This is what FU money can do

POST This Is the Power of FU Money (and How I Was Escorted Out)

Back in 2010 at the ripe old age of 25, I used my F-you money for the first time in a professional setting.

It got me escorted out of the building.

But it was worth it!

I wrote a post about the dynamic between financial independence—the financial tool that lets you create a long term plan for life outside of work—and FU money—an instrument that levels the playing field in your day-to-day experiences of differing power dynamics.
How much is FU money? A graph that explains it.
The amount of money you need to qualify as "FU money" will differ for every person since having it is a subjective experience that removes the fear of financial risk in your decisions.
And of course, I told that story of how I said "no" at 25 and it changed my life.

This Is the Power of FU Money (and How I Was Escorted Out)


Many worthy charitable organizations are matching donations (via other generous donors) around the world today for GivingTuesday.

How can you make an impact?

Our charitable focus for the month of November was on world hunger relief. Our giving poll ended this morning.

The winning organization is:

Heifer International!

As part of GivingTuesday, another donor is matching with a 3-to-1 impact today for Heifer International. We put our donation through this morning from our Reader's Charitable FIRE Fund.
GivingTuesday Heifer International, TicTocLife Reader's Charitable Fund
Once we write our monthly FIRE budget review for November, we'll have a new charitable poll posted for December. That should be before the end of the week.

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Happy GivingTuesday!

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