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Happy Giving Tuesday!

Chris & Jenni here—and we wanted to wish you a happy and fulfilling Giving Tuesday!

Seeking and maintaining financial independence might require living below your means. For others, the focus is on earning more. Not scarcity, but abundance.

Ultimately, FIRE should be a little of both—constraint and growth. It's a combination of choices that shouldn't feel like deprivation.

Throughout that process, we're all fortunate enough to have options. Options to seek financial freedom through different financial choices. We've got fat to cut—and many others do not.

We hope your gratitude can extend a little further on this Giving Tuesday to help others. There's many ways:

  • 🤔 Vote in our latest giving poll to help us contribute this month!
  • 📚 Check out GiveWell's latest charity roundup for effective giving advice.
  • 🔨 Consider local volunteerism to build your community!

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