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What’s Going On With Us & Giving Back

We've had a busy start to August in the TicTocLife household after our staycation break at the end of July!

Jenni has been busy juggling an ever-changing part-time work schedule, supporting her fellow pharmacists as they need a break with little vacations during the pandemic. Being new to the semi-retired life, she is working on developing healthy habits. A few of her first goals are to have a consistent wake-up time and exercise daily. Without a set time and place to be every morning, it is easy for her to hit the snooze button.

Chris has been focused on partnering with a good friend to build-up his own digital consulting. They've been negotiating a contract together with a non-profit publisher that focuses on environmental missions. Mentorship opportunities are a primary motivator for Chris' ongoing, though minimal, work.

We've been working through our giving plan together. We've just published our three-month update for the TicTocLife blog and made public one key component of our giving: Reader’s Choice FIRE Fund with a goal to reach $41K by TicTocLife's one year anniversary. Help us decide which non-profit we should give to on September 1, 2020, by voting on the fund's page!

Personal Finance Favorites on the Web

  1. The Sweet Spot - Mr. Money Mustache is back in full form with a great post that combines the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) with seeking balance in several areas of life. That balance is The Sweet Spot. He also reveals some personal struggles with AADD.
  2. A Pro / Con on Donor Advised Funds - Physician on FIRE has a discussion with The White Coat Investor about the pros and cons of donor-advised funds (DAFs), which are the underlying account type we use for our direct charitable giving and the Reader’s Choice FIRE Fund.
  3. I am the one thing in life I can control - J.D. Roth fends off his demons and harnesses control over his life. He talks about the difference between the circle of concern and the circle of control. Plus, there's a bit of the Hamilton musical.
  4. Upcycle Your Way To Financial Independence - Dave has a hit with us since the post focuses on reducing your electronic waste through creative reuse and upcycling.
  5. Decorating Our New Home With Thrift Store Finds - FI Mechanic does a great job of combining multiple activities we both like: thrift store treasure hunts, DIY, and crafting. They've done a fantastic job of setting their new place up inexpensively but still producing an eclectic, attractive home.
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Our Latest Posts

Incase you missed one, here's our latest posts since our last newsletter:

Buying the Total US Stock Market: VTSAX vs VTI and Alternatives

We've been collecting tiny slices of thousands of companies over the years. Let's compare frugal ways you can too with low-cost index funds: VTSAX vs VTI, SWSTX, FSKAX.
Want to buy the total US stock market? Try VTSAX or VTI index funds!

From Hobby to Business: Making What’s Fun Into a Job

Are you prepared for a scene like this in order to turn your hobby to business?
Switching from a hobby to a business venture can bring you riches or leave you with a lost passion. Here's how to decide if it's worth it.

The Value of Time: A Telling Tale of Spending vs. Living

How do you set the value of time? Would you not spend $2M in exchange for 60K hours to do as you please? A telling tale of Chris & Irsch.
Calculating the Value of Time
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