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Happy New Year,
Goodbye 2020!

By Chris

Compared to the much longer FIRE newsletters we usually write, today's has a very simple purpose:

To say Thank You.

You've made 2020 a very special year for us. We started TicTocLife together with you, our readers. Thank you for making the blog a huge success!

We started it just to document our transition to early retirement as we take steps to quit our full-time careers, switch to part-time, and eventually on to an unknown steady state of the RE part of FIRE.

As I write this, there's been nearly 60,000 viewers on the blog in 2020.

We've had great conversations on Twitter, Facebook groups, and around the web with other writers!

There are over a hundred highly engaged newsletter readers (thank you!) now after only a handful of installments.

But really, it's not about the numbers. After all, we don't run ads or sponsorships—it's not like we make money on those numbers increasing (in fact, we lose more as the hosting costs increase!).

So many of you have made the effort to write an email, Tweet, or comment to either of us to express your gratitude for what we write and share with the world. I've started a "gratitude" folder in my inbox to keep track of it all!

The web is filled with meaningful writing that people work very hard on but never finds an audience. It's the reality of a world where fortune and luck plays such a big hand in public "success" like what we've already experienced.

Thank you for being our luck, our motivation, and continuing down our path to FIRE along with us.

Jenni builds a bridge to 2021
With that, we've just posted about our greatest financial mistakes of 2020. If you're starting to think about plans for 2021, there's some great examples of the cockups we made throughout the year that you can avoid in the coming year to make yourself wealthier.

POST → Our 3 Greatest Financial Mistakes to Avoid for a Wealthy 2021

We've got some big plans for January and will deliver you more intriguing, informative posts on financial independence and retiring early. Expect to find multiple interviews and guests posts from us around the web in the coming month as well! We're very excited about what 2021 holds.

Happy New Year!

Chris & Jenni - TicTocLife
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